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You Must Know The Design Factors Before You Outsource To Web Design India

In todays world of cut throat competition, your web design is by far the most important factor. And if you do decide to get the website designed by outsourcing to India, here are some of the important factors you should be looking for. To be precise, let us list a few things you should be looking for when you decide to outsource your tasks to Web Design India.

Check whether the various design factors are appropriately met. Ask for a prototype. Well, its important that you know the various aspects of a web design before you decide to outsource it to Web design India

Navigation Menu: The most important aspect of a website is its usability to visitors. Well, when it is easy to traverse your website, it is more likely that they will stay. For traversing your website the navigation menu is the most important. Complicating the design on the navigation menu gives the visitor a reason to leave. So, ensure that your web design consists of a simple, easy to understand navigation bar and navigation menu.

Title is important: The title of your web page should be exactly what your web page is about. It should be the first thing the visitor looks at. And it should also reflect the content of your page. Well, design it such that it attracts attention and sends out a clear message.

Contact Page: Contact page design is as important as any other page. Many designers tend to ignore this. Well, thats where most of your advertising is redirected (at some stage or the other). So make sure the layout is good and the phone number is not lost amongst some creative graphic or flash. Same with the address. Keep it simple. Do not bother to decorate it. It should be in a clear font and easily readable.

Flash: Using flash is something that can make or break your website. With too much of it, you are at a risk of spoiling the overall appeal to the website visitor. You website is still better off without it. But if you have to, use it sparingly and wisely. Cluttering too much animation on your page can take the charm of a professional web design away.

Graphic to text ratio: This is another important factor that you must know about. Simply put, it is the ratio of the amount of graphics on your page and the amount of text on your page. With too much text your web design looks boring. With too much graphics visitors find no value and no information.

Well, now that you know all the factors you need to consider in a web design, selecting a web design India Company should be very easy. The ultimate aim is that the web design India company gives your website the perfect look and you know that the techniques and design factors that they used are the ones that are beneficial for your online business.