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What Would Be The Top Water To Drink On The Planet

The best drinking water on the planet! Is there such a thing?

Or are all bottled water sources created the same?

Can you handle the truth?

Most of us don’t think there are any differences as long as it is clean and without contaminants.

However, some of the healthiest people on earth happen to be drinking an amazing water that is more than just contaminant free, but has noticeably healthy side effects.

There are many water filtration systems on the market. However, many of these do not eliminate the water contamination that exists in many of our water sources and most have limited health benefits.

This includes bottled water that you may be purchasing in the grocery store!

I thought I had the best water filtration for my home.I used what was considered a top-of-the-line water filter. But hardly did I realize I was missing many real health benefits until I investigated what the Japanese have mastered.

Despite a recentwater report by Forbes (which seems to be more of a marketing spiel) of the healthiest nations on the planet; one of the healthiest nations still happens to be Japan.

Why the Japanese ?

One reason is that the Japanese have not only looked atwestern medical practices and health ideologies. They have benefited from past cultural practices as well. In modern Japan they take a different view of technology and science.

While theywelcomemodern technology at the same time they are quick to point out the shortcomings of rapid industrialization, pollution of water and the inherent problems of modernization.

With thisperspective, they have taken a different approach to provide their citizens with healthier water and food nutrition standards. They have even experienced more health benefits than we realized!

Even scientists acknowledge the importance of water for living things.. Even when scientists are looking for life on other planets, they first seek to establish if water exists on that planet.


All things depend on water! Whether plant or animal, most living things are made up of water.

Since the human body is made of over 70% water, it would be very logical to realize the foundation for a strong and long life is water! And If you’re reading this you probably already know how important it is to drink healthy water!

New Drinking Water Benefits Discovered?

It is easy to realize the importance of uncontaminated water when you look at the evening news of poverty-level countries in Africa or other nation’s where people are drinking from dirty water.

But you may not realize that in your own back yard, or even closer – in your ownfamily kitchen, your water could be just as dangerous?

Recentlythe Associated Press reported that millions of pounds of pharmaceuticals that have been dumped into waterways that provide our drinking water; it is “contamination the federal government has consistently overlooked”! There are hundreds of drugs and their manufacturing residues that are coming right into your kitchen sink!

For instance, lithium which is used to make ceramics is also a treatment for bipolar disorder. According to the AP, 22 active compounds of the industrial chemicals like these make their way to our rivers and lakes. They all are making a way into your kitchen sink!

Almost all of these have the potential of passing through municipal treatment centers and your family unit water filtration systems. Even more alarming, the federal government has a very limited monitoring ability.

What has been found to be in U.S. Drinking water supplies include antibiotics, anti-convulusants, sex hormones and mood stabilizers among the few. Much of it comes from contaminants thrown away by hospitals and care facilities.

Also of the 22 compoundscontaineda significant amount of nicotine from quit-smoking patches.
If you think you don’t have to worry because you drink bottled water, think again! Many bottled water sources have and still use regular tap water.

In 2007 the International Bad Products Award Winner was given to a well-known bottled drinking water after it was found to be sourced from local tap water supplies. It was taken off the market in the UK because of protests and is still making great profits in the United States!

Differences between Amazing Water and Regular Water!

What Else is Required for Healthy Water other Than Eliminating Contaminants?

Even if you eliminated most water contaminants from your drinking sources, there still is a very important benefit that most water filtration systems don’t have.

It is a benefit that also happens to relate to the root cause of cancer according to Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg.

Dr. Warburg one of the 20th century leading cell biochemists discovered that the root cause of cancer is linked to having too much acid in the body.

This is when the pH (potential hydrogen) in the body is below the normal level of 7.365. This makes the body to acidic.

Most of us are walking around with an acidic pH balance! It can happen even if you have a reasonably good diet!

According to Warburg’s discovery, to maintain healthy cells and avoid cancer you must maintain the body pH balance at a normal level.

What does this have to do with water?

Is There a Best Water Filtration for the Home?

This is where the Japanese have pioneered and virtually perfected an amazing water machine which is more than just a filtration system. It does an excellent job of eliminating contaminated water but also raises the pH balance at the cellular level.

This has been perfected through the course of 35 years of manufacturing high-quality water generating systems. There are some other water system technologies that do provide the same benefits, however none seem to rival the healthy improvements that are reported from using the Japanese model.

In fact, it has been so successful in Japan that it is approved for use in hospitals and care facilities for purposes of short-term and long-term healing benefits.

According to Dr. Susan Lange, author of The Chemistry of Success, says: [neutralizing] over acidity [in the body] over time will help to restore your buffeting ability. This can help the body against developmental heart disease, strokes, immune dysfunction, and other common ailments… Such as cold, flu or bronchitis. An additional feature provides water that is being used on skin improvement and breakdown.

We should prevent disease at its source, according to Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, who is the director of the water Institute of Japan.

In other words, since water plays such a big role in our health, if we can eliminate the pollutants that go in to our body which happens through mediocre water sources we can greatly reduce the possibility of disease.

A Drinking Water Revolution!

Since the beginning of time water has always been a very important part of health and life. Consumers buy bottled water, drink tap water and use various drinking sources and many of these are not necessarily healthier than some regular tap water.

Neither do many of the top water filters do a good job! However, the water system that the Japanese have developed for in-home use has the best solution available.

It is worth your life and effort to learn about a water system that will not only filter out contaminants, and stabilize the pH balance in your body.

The surprising benefits of drinking this water are the visible side effects in the improvement of many health problems! I personally experienced less fatigue and noticeable difference in skin health among other benefits.

Not only is it important for you to consume adequate amounts of water it is vitally important to make an investment in the healthiest water you can find. It is a matter of living a longer, stronger, healthier and more enjoyable life!