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Web Hosting Chandigarh

Once we launch our new business now it’s the time to tell the online
world that here we are with our new ideas for serving them in a best
way. The very first step is to set up a website for this we have to own a
appropriate domain name. Now we have a website and domain name at this
point we have to take a very confusing decision of choosing a web
hosting service. We have to be very careful while choosing web hosting
service, most of people only concentrate on cost of web hosting ,but
it’s not only about money ,it should according to your requirements.

Here we are concentrating more on first type as it is best for small
and medium business as well. In this type we deal with two important
things first one is disk space second one is bandwidth. In shared web
hosting so many websites share the same server they all will have their
own disk space measured in GB. As most websites are of only few pages
shared web hosting is the best option for everyone with the exception of
big sites for example e-commerce.

Same server is handling so
many sites so it can affect performance. When you are dealing with
serious service providers performance is not an issue. Do not blindly
follow the low cost prices. Keep all important factors in mind. Here we
are providing you with best service at appropriate price.For this
service money you are paying will be used for hardware and software
maintenance, technical support etc. Shared web hosting is the most
popular type of web hosting.

Dedicated Web Hosting

This is another type comes after shared web hosting. In this kind of
web hosting single web server is provided to single customer .In some
cases single web server is divided among two or three customers. But
there are hosters that give whole server to single customer. The high
prices with the availability of resources it is recommend that this type
of hosting is useful for highly important web sites such as e-commerce

Besides disc space and bandwidth, other important factors
while choosing this service are: – price, Customer Support, Backup,
Operating System, Control Panel, Email etc.