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Unlimited Web Hosting Actually Means

There are several web hosting plans and packages available for you
in the market today, should you decide to launch your own website.
Launching your website with the help of a recognised and reliable web
host is an informed decision that you should take. For a businessman or a
business house, owning a website opens more opportunities. And if you
want a steady flow of traffic to your website which will hold on to your
existing customers and make real ones, you need a website that takes
very little time to load and has an unparalleled uptime. When you choose
a web hosting service provider, you will come across many who claim
that they provide you with unlimited web hosting. What does it actually

Your web host, who offers you an unlimited package,
will also offer you features like unlimited disk space or unlimited
bandwidth. But the word ‘unlimited’ needs to be analysed inside out in
this context. Unlimited disk space is needed if, with time, the content
that you upload, changes and you have to constantly monitor the disk
space which is available. If your web host does not offer you any
unlimited disk space, you might see yourself constantly monitoring disk
space and sometimes even deleting old items to make space for new. By
unlimited hosting what is implied is that there is no set cap on the
disk space or the bandwidth you use. But there is a slight gray area
here as well.

The gray area in this context is that, when you
hear the word ‘unlimited’ do not take it to heart too literally. The
catch here is that you did not read the terms of service as set down by
your web hosting service provider. You can have ‘unlimited bandwidth or
disk space till the time it does not affect the server and its capacity.
Since you have opted for shared hosting, which is cost effective, yet
you have to know that you are sharing the same resource, here the
server, with other users. Hence, when sharing you need to care about
others too. The ‘unlimited’ word in your package does not imply that you
literally have unlimited bandwidth and space at your disposal.

Overusing what you have been provided by the service provider or web
host might also lead to the cancellation of your account or they might
also disable your website, and there is no catch in that!