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The Kindle Might Be The Number One Ebook Reader South Africa – Get More Information Here

Trying to find an ebook reader in South Africa? You should consider yourself lucky. You will now be able to get the Amazon Kindle in your country. Amazon has just announced their policy change of shipping the Kindle to one hundred plus nations all over the world, and South Africa is definitely in this list. This cool gadget will let you download books, newspapers, magazines and do much more. You will be able to use it to play hundreds of games. You will find a lot of other smart other applications in this gadget as well. And the best part is that, since this ebook reader is very small and lightweight, this is why most people keep it with them when they are traveling. You can hold it with just a single hand.

Since the time it was released, there was a big demand for this Kindle e reader in South Africa really. But people in South Africa couldnt do anything about it, because Amazon was not shipping it outside the US. A few lucky people with friends in the US and a lot of them buy this when they are traveling to the US too. But of course, the books, movies, newspapers, magazines or games could not be downloaded in SA. It thus failed. Then Amazon suddenly announced that they would now be shipping their reader to South Africa and other countries. This changed everything. Since then, thousands of people have purchased this this ereader in South Africa. The fact is that, Kindle is the most popular ebook reader South Africa today.

You will find that it’s travel version is just 1/3rd of an inch. It is 10.2 ounces in weight. You will not find any e readers in South Africa that work better, because you can by using it download books fast it does not even take 60 seconds. You can store as many as 3,000 books surely you cannot read them all. Plus, you will be able to watch more than 100,000 movies and shows, and what you have is a powerful and smart little gadget. But that’s not all, as, this gadget lets you listen to 17 million songs too. Battery backup is great too, an issue that all users love.

ebook readers in South Africa will be thrilled to know that you can get this gadget in just a week from now. You will just have to order it. Depending on where you are located in the country, this reader will reach your door in anything between 4 days to 12 days. This ebook reader in South Africa costs the same here as compared to other countries. Of course, there’s customs to pay. The shipping charges will be different as well.

Try the Amazon Kindle now. There is no ebook reader South Africa that is better than this one. A lot of these smart gadgets have been sold already. Demand is high in SA a lot of people own this today. You can have one too.