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The Keys For Internet Success Hard Work Or Smart Work

Hard work was once the building block of every fortune, whether it was a successful online business or a remarkable internet business. While hard work certainly plays a part in any form of business success, its role in success for internet marketers and entrepreneurs is often overstated by people looking to make the barrier to success higher than it needs to be. There are really two schools of thought on this one; one believing that hard work and hard work alone is the key to success, and the other believing that a combination of determination and hard work, mixed with a massive amount of optimisation and smart work is the key to building a successful business, income, and lifestyle.

So, which side is right? There’s a large debate around this issue, with those who’ve made their fortune already keen to report the extremes of either side. We’ve all seen the gurus professing that you can make your million dollars in ten minutes, and we’ve also seen the hardened entrepreneurs and marketers that claim it takes years and years of hard work to get to that level. Both sides are packed with their fair share of scam artists and dishonest people, but the messages are real in both cases. Many businesses are built slowly over the years, and many snowball to success and large profits very quickly.

By far, the most common and important factor amongst successful online businesspeople and marketers is their ability to work smart, instead of just working hard. The smartest and most successful people all share the ability to hugely optimise their work periods, and selectively eliminate (or outsource) the irrelevant and unimportant work and information that often gets thrown towards busy people. In order to get to that level of success, a huge level of smart work is required, rather than just aimless hard work. The real problem comes down to definition. By definition, hard work doesn’t necessarily need to have a result tied to it. Smart work is the direct opposite. Smart work absolutely requires that you have a goal in mind when you begin it, and it actively requires you to remind yourself of that goal as you go on.

So, in terms of motivation, success, and optimisation, smart work wins out every time. With many simple tasks able to be outsourced or automated, it’s entirely possible to create a lucrative and highly profitable online marketing business without the need for any boring, uninteresting grunt work. With the massive possibilities available online for internet affiliate marketers, it’s very possible to focus entirely on the big picture and see incredibly lucrative returns. Don’t feel discouraged when you have a big pile of work in front of you, instead be selective in how you approach it. 10 minutes spend researching and understanding your workload can save you 10 hours in actually completing it, and make you free to focus on the most important aspects of your marketing. Don’t fall for the old maxim — hard work falls short of smart work every single time.