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How To Disappear… Again

My name is Frank M. Ahearn and if you read my other articles, you would know that I am in the business of teaching people how to disappear and be more private. I have updated some of the tools to disappearing and living a virtual life.

Start by getting an email address, I always suggests or When checking your mail it is wise to do from an internet caf away from where you live.

Fax Service
I think one of the greatest internet tools are Jfax and Efax numbers offered by and You can have a voicemail box or fax number in every state and almost every country. How does it work, simple sign up and get virtual number anywhere you want. You give the number out as your voicemail or fax, your family, friend or clients contact you ate your new number in Aruba and that transmission is forwarded to your above address.

What is great about this service is you can fax from your laptop anywhere in the world.

Virtual Office
If you need a full-blown virtual office, I recommend

Cellular Phone Service
Before you buy, cell phones for international use understand, an international cell phone is classified as a GSM mobile phone that operates on the GSM 900 and GSM 1800 frequency. An international cell phone with the appropriate sim card will provide coverage in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Pacific Rim including Australia. A world cell phone with the GSM 1900 frequency will expand coverage to include the United States, Canada and a growing part of South America.

To stay out from under the radar I suggest a prepaid cell phone from For added security, I suggest using a prepaid international calling card to make calls on your prepaid phone. For added security, I suggest you change your cell number or dump your phone every so often.

I use several cell phones, one for out going calls and the other for incoming. I have the incoming cell phone forwarded to another prepaid cell phone.

Mail Drops
To have a physical mailing address I suggest as advertised on They offer other services like virtual phone numbers and faxes; however, I suggest not having all of your services with one company, just incase someone breaches your information.
How to Make Money
One of my clients who expatriated to Madrid, Spain makes great living selling watches on Never touching the merchandise and having the funds transferred immediately into his account. My friend in Spain realized he had so much experience selling watches, he wrote an EBook about watches that tripled his income. Look at his site Classic Watch Company.

The internet is like the Wild West all over again, money to be made hand over fist. If you were a waiter, write that EBook How to Make Better Tips, if you were a taxi driver, write the EBook on Taxi Drivers Safety. Plenty of people are making money on E-books you can as well.

When you write that EBook send, it to they are always looking for quality E-Books.

New Identities
New identities, if you are not a criminal you do not need a new identity. There are several reasons for not obtaining a new identity beside the legalities. You do not know whose identity you are obtaining, they could have fifty thousand dollars in IRS judgments and the IRS to satisfy the debt can seize your bank account.

The new identity you obtain can have a warrant for an arrest, or a registered sex offender that has to register with the police because of the Megans law. The idea of going to the cemetery and find a child who died at an early age and obtain their information, forget it, you missed the boat on this one – it will not work.

Taxes & Income
Get a good accountant, audit are not fun. I speak from experience.

The laws are different from country to country, hire a local lawyer, one that was recommend from a good source. One of my clients in Central America paid $95,000.00 US for a condominium, what he did not learn until after the fact was the condominium was actually listed for 95,000.00 in the local currency, which made the property truly valued at 49k US. Buyers beware.

I tell my clients not to get one; however, its a personal choice. First Antilles Offshore offers several services from second passports to Residency Packages, check their site

IBC & Bank Accounts
International Business Corporations, setting up an IBC up is relatively easy, there are so many countries that offer a wide arrange of services. Take your time, determine the solvency of the bank and country, and understand the fees and structures.

When I opened my first IBC I never asked how long it took funds to clear, it turned out it was thirty days and caused me nothing but problems. Ask some very simples questions, things you would normally overlook. How long for funds to clear, cash and checks. What are the bank fees, some banks charge more then you would expect. How long does it take to wire transfer? The ATM card, what are the fees and the 24-hour spending limit.

Do not forget get a good accountant!

Relocation Companies
Some great companies assist people moving offshore, if you are going to Paris check out a great site and service. Pick up some B-books about your destination and visit your location before moving or buying property.

Three Keys to Disappearing:

Misinformation is the art of taking every piece of data existing about you, deviating them and destroying them beyond recognition. Keep in mind your home phone number list every call you have ever made over a period of time, your cellular phone as well. Your frequent flyer account with an airline lists every trip you logged. Call up those companies and change your contact information on file.

Disinformation is the art of leaving a bogus trail. If you are looking to disappear, make tons of phone calls to realtors all over the country. Make small purchases on your credit card, perhaps a cheap airline ticket or a bus ticket to Iowa. The key is to have the person shadowing you look in places you are not.

Reformation is the art of getting from where you are to where you want to be and leave no trails.

Good luck on your travels and ventures.


Frank M. Ahearn
Privacy Expert