Steve Clayton’s Sem Business Blueprint

With Steven Clayton and Tim Godfreys first top sellers at Click Bank, Commission Blueprint and Niche Blueprint, the dynamic duo were critically acclaimed for their efforts. With SEM Business Blueprint, their third top-selling program, there have been some who wonder if maybe this program isnt just riding the coattails of their previous success. This SEM Business Blueprint review will examine its effectiveness and try to judge how well it stands on its own as a product worthy of comparison to its predecessors.

What is SEM Business Blueprint, anyway?

The first thing to mention is that SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. What this particular program strives to do is to teach you the basic principles of setting up your own SEO and PPC business targeting the needs of traditional Main Street businesses like restaurants and lawyers.

SEM Business Blueprint is an innovative take on how to transfer internet marketing ideas to the physical market of the streets, where the demand for SEO and PPC services is increasing with each passing day.

After explaining the reason for the increase in demand, Steven Clayton shows you how to establish a business that will meet the SEO and PPC needs of those Main Street businesses.

Steven uses his own real life client examples as he demonstrates how to set up individual client campaigns. He then gives you his personal secrets for locating new clients who are willing and able to pay you thousands of dollars a month to provide their SEO and PPC capabilities. The best part of this program is that all of this amazing information is presented in a way that anyone can understand.

You also receive several bonuses from Steven: his own personal business website template, new client acquisition PowerPoint presentations, and spreadsheets for campaign budget complete with formulas!

Because each client will be paying you a monthly rate for your services, the SEM Business Blueprint system will easily enable you to make in excess of $50,000 a year with as few as 5 customers. Now, you can certainly find 5 clients, cant you? After all, the SEM Business Blueprint system is designed to be just as effective for those living in towns of a few thousand people as it is for those who live in major metropolitan areas with 20 million or more.

Even if you are completely clueless hen it comes to SEO and PPC, SEM Business Blueprint gives you all the information you need to make this program work. A lot of programs use the word blueprint to describe their systems, but here it is more than apt.

The SEM Business Blueprint use seemingly simple methodologies to achieve amazing results with this foolproof system for monetary success.

So, how effective is this program? In a nutshell, SEM Business Blueprint simply has no real rivals when it comes to enabling you to create a profitable business online. Even more, it compares more than favorably with its predecessors I personally find it to be even more valuable than Commission blueprint. SEM Business Blueprint is, without doubt and without equal, one of the most incredible products on the market today.