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Some Secrets To Become An Ebook Millionaire

Ever since, I don’t want to write an ebook. I’m thinking, why write a cheap ebook, if you can make a $447 study program? Why is it better to offer a cheap ebook?

There are several reasons which include the fact you can become an ebook millionaire. You’ll be surprised to see that there’s an easy and cheap way to make ebooks that does not need writing. Ebooks provide a customer an quick way of getting to know you. Most people would opt to pay $27 to see if you really mean business, than to spend a hefty sum of 447 and later find out that they’ve been scammed. The ebook allows them to see if this investment is really worth it. If they like it, they are willing to shell out more.

Next, an ebook can help you get hold of a wider market. When you look at your email list you may not see as many names as you like, but there’s a ton of potential customers waiting to be found. Big home study curriculums usually have affiliate programs which are confusing. This can might deter the number of people who would marketing your home study product. Use your ebook to grow your list and eventually sell your $447 product.

Ebooks are small and easy to download. With the help of a company called Clickbank, you can have hundreds if not thousands of people promoting your ebook. With these small ambassadors, you can reach out to people you did not even personally send an email.

Ebooks also lead to bigger products, such as your $447 home study course. If they liked your ebook, then they will love your home study course that has step-by-step videos instead of just screen shots in a pdf file. And they will certainly love your three day workshop where you go beyond the step-by-step videos and actually show them in real time how to do whatever it is your ebook is teaching.

So what is the bad news? Who wants to sit down and grind out an ebook? Not me! So, I talk my way through an ebook. It’s the easiest way to write and market an ebook. I schedule a free teleseminar, invite interested people to the teleseminar, have them send questions in advance and then record the teleseminar. I then have the recording transcribed, lightly edit the transcription and convert the whole thing to a pdf file.

The pdf is easily changed into an ebook and listed on Clickbank. You can market your ebook by sending emails and soon the money comes in. The affiliate programs, processing of the orders from customers and sending of checks are all taken care of by Clickbank. Everything is fast and easy.

What makes this a cheap way to make an ebook is you can check the demand even before you write your ebook. This takes out the risk like your $447 study program. There is also a positive cash flow which serves to fund your upcoming home study program. I’m also amassing customers from all over the world through the help of Clickbank affiliates who help advertise the ebook.

The only thing to do now is pick a topic and schedule a teleseminar for free! Equipped with this product your information empire’s groundwork is assured, ready to soar and you are can become an ebook millionaire!