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social media making small businesses grow large

Social media helping small businesses grow large…

It is a well known fact that any type of business cannot survive amongst the competitive market without promoting itself. Banner advertisements, television commercials, flyers and brochures all are a part of the traditional promotional campaign. Today however these traditional advertisement methods are no longer effective .Small business owners are discovering that social media marketing is quickly becoming an important method for driving business growth. . This is the age of social media marketing, where promotion of products, services and businesses is done on social networks like Facebook.

Facebook is the leading social network with the largest user base in the world. The platform equips a marketer with extensive features which help in increasing brand awareness and in promoting business. One of the most successful and effective method of promoting your business is Facebook Applications. Applications for Facebook are being developed by professional Facebook app developers like SocialAppsHQ who cover a wide domain. A Facebook application powered by SocialAppsHQ can be anything from a Gift Application to Coupon Application, RSS feed generator to a My Yelp Application. As long as your app is original and unique in idea, your business will benefit from it. Facebook Gifts App is one such interesting application allowing fans to gift virtual branded items to their friends. This increases the brand recognition and fans base of an existing business as well as potential of new revenue. In order to understand what Facebook gift apps are like, it is important to look at the available options extended by a flexible application and the manner in which it uses these options. These could include:

1.Sending a Gift: This is a page that can be used to send gifts to friends. These gifts could have an associated price or could be free. When you send a gift, the recipient receives a notification from Facebook.

2.Publishing It: You can publish a story on the user’s wall, which illustrates the gifting process. This can be done with the help of the Facebook streaming feature.

3.Share: You can also select a list of friends who you would like to share this gifting idea with, and share your joy of giving by publishing it on their respective walls.

4.Amplification: You can amplify the picture of the chosen gift. The page can also provide a list of received and sent gifts for your reference. This will help you keep track of them.

Many businesses are today using such applications to create greater awareness of their products and services, as well as to build their brand image.

Using Facebook for Business Often time’s businesses think setting up a Facebook business page is the end point. But industry observation is, a business page is just a starting point followed by the below process.

1.Choose right Application provider which provides business applications which will enable engagement with business social network

2.Enable the pages for public searching/indexing

3.Publish and promote the content

4.Track engagement and reach out to leads and improve the business potential

5.Manage the applications and update content on regular basis

The biggest bottle neck for small businesses today is to build a community on Facebook and to enable the continuous engagement with their social network. In this case the only option is to start with the current social ecosystem including your customers, vendors, employees, friends, partners and use the viral nature of social network to increase the visibility

About us: SocialAppsHQ, the developer of various app, has developed a complete range of applications, enabling small businesses to have a unique presence on Facebook. SocialAppsHQ currently provides 13 applications enabling 211,000 brands. Our applications are designed with least tech-savvy business manager in mind – they are intuitive, streamlined and affordable. They are easy enough that they can be setup within 3 clicks and flexible enough to suit the needs of the most creative marketer or advertising agency.

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