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Social media for business

Today’s fast pace marketing arena has moved to social media. It’s affordable and connects with your customers and future customers with a personal contact. Your social media presence is crucial rising you past your competitors. Google is still king but not for long. Sites like Facebook and Twitter and gaining market share and improving their grasp of the public. Facebook alone is adding features to explode it’s on line time; the time a user stays on the site. Let’s take a look at some of the social media sites.

Facebook is about to take over Google. Businesses are moving over to Facebook with “fan pages” to interact with the customers. You can find a companies Facebook page and see what is the latest changes or upcoming events that the COMPANY change instantly. It is not like they can not do it now but changing or updating a website either takes a full time employee to manage the website or you have to go to your website company to get something changed. Meanwhile companies can change their page information relatively easy or what most are doing now is hiring a Social Media Manager to work part time on spreading information about you your company.

Twitter is a funny little animal that man want to fight. The general population thinks it’s just a site to tell people what time the went to the bathroom or they just ate lunch – who cares – I know. But as we have embraced Twitter in the business word it is real time updates on promotions, products, what is going on during an event, and so on. Persuading your customers to follow you on Twitter is crucial to your business.

LinkedIn is the world?s largest professional network with over 80 million members and growing rapidly. LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals. Again, I think the key word here is “networking” with other automotive owners and see what is working for them or where you should stay away.

And many many more – There are hundreds of social media sites and no you can not keep up with all of them. Your expertise is to run your business; not sit in front of the computer and update all the time. Let a Social Media Manager do the work for you at a fraction of the cost. I hear all the time ‘I can do it’; well how is that working out for you? Social media is one big time suck. If you do not have the proper software to run updates and post to multiple locations your day will be gone before you know it. Does that mean we have all the time in the world? No, it’s what a media marketing manager does – automate! Most companies spend thousands of dollars on automating software to improve speed and accuracy to pinpoint posts and updates. Run your business and don’t get caught up productivity killing venture that can be done at a fraction of the cost of you or having an employee.

Steve has been in sales and marketing for over 25 years. With the growing market of social media and the demand for small companies wanting to have a social presence; he has added this valuable service. Please visit http://LGsocial.com for more information if you want to grow your social presence.