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Shared Web Hosting – Is it The Right Choice For my Website

If you are looking for the right host for your website, shared
hosting is a great and affordable option to consider. This is the
perfect solution for webmasters looking for accessibility to easy-to-use
hosting which they can easily afford. In fact, the following benefits
do suggest that this hosting type could indeed be the right choice for
your website.

Shared hosting is a reliable and simple option as you
need not worry about managing the server or performing any updates. Any
problems that arise with the server are automatically and instantly
attended to by someone any time of the day. So you need not worry if you
cannot keep an eye on your server all the time as someone else is.

High reliability and easy to use control panel

Shared hosting offers a high reliability service. Of course, sometimes,
even the best host cannot be 100% perfect for various reasons like
heavy traffic to the server or updates done for improving the server’s
future performance. Most of the time, the service reliability of the
server can be improved just with a small upgrade within your budget.

The control panel provided by the host is usually not complicated to
use and comes with helpful tools that ensure easy creation, launch and
management of websites. Shared hosting plans generally come with a
variety of control panel options to choose from like cPanel and Plesk
which are really useful to the webmaster.

Low rates and multiple packages

As the server is shared by many users, the price is lowered
considerably and comes well within your budget. The cheapest package you
can find can only be a few bucks a month, while more advanced packages
can cost as high as $50 per month.

Shared hosting options come in various packages for you to choose from.
You have to make your choice of plan based on the resources your
website requires. It can also be easily upgraded in terms of bandwidth
limit and storage capacity if and when more hosting resources are

There is also micro plans that are economically right
for personal bloggers and other minimalistic website owners at shared
hosts, you can expect to find as many as thousands of websites that are
hosted through shared hosting on a single server.

Money back guarantee

However, while looking for your shared host, make sure the service is
not oversold. The oversold hosting providers host too many websites
which in turn slows down the server and all the websites on it. So be
careful of those providers that claim they can provide ‘unlimited’

Another great feature of shared hosting is that it offers
many scripts for free like blogs, shopping carts, mailing lists and
guest books. To top it all, most of the providers also offer a free
trial period of a minimum of 30 days. So if you are not satisfied with
your host, you can just return it and get your money back.

All these features do indeed suggest that shared web hosting may be the right choice for your website.