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Not A Scam – Ben Moskel And Affiliate Marketing

Ben Moskel began his career as a young attorney in a downtown Buffalo Law firm handling insurance claims. He had worked hard all through college to get good grades and make a name for himself. He was ready to begin his new life with his wife, Lisa, who was also an attorney. They both looked forward to a bright and financially secure future as they began their careers. Both of then had the work ethic needed to get ahead and didn’t mind working hard, because they knew their efforts would be worth the rewards of a lifestyle they wanted.

Even though Ben was working harder and harder, and working longer and longer hours, he never seemed to be making a financial gain. He realized the more he worked, the more financially secure he was making the firm he worked for, and not himself. In fact, after calculating the time he worked against the money he brought home, he was astounded to learn it was literally $14 per hour. Was this the reward for being an attorney. Ben thought to himself “There’s got to be a better way!” and he was right.

A junior associate who worked with Ben drove a brand new car, and she made the same amount of money as he did. H wondered what her secret was, so one day he asked her. Her response was enlightening.

His colleague explained that she had been working on the internet creating websites that brought her an additional $10,000 a month. It was called “Performance Marketing” and all she had to do was use her computer and her brain. Ben’s brain began working overtime when he realized the lucrative opportunities available to him. All he needed was the desire to learn how to build websites.

Ben created over 300 websites in a relatively short period of time. He was hooked and had found his niche. He was ready to retire from the law firm and he was only 27 years old. He’s never looked back and was surprised when he wanted to share the secrets of his success with his family and friends, only to be met with skepticsm and worry. Many thought the “internet” was just a passing fad.

“Affiliate Marketing” as it is now referred to, is a booming business and has no signs of stopping. Although it has morphed and changed into different direction, it is still basically a direct sales call – without face to face contact, but you making a profit. By choosing to align yourself with a major company, i.e. one that provides a service or product, you create a website that will drive consumers to their company.

How do you do this? Say you want to work with Pet Smart. You develop a website that promotes pet prescriptions or other needs for pets. When the consumer types in “where can I but prescriptions” in a search engine, your site will pop up. The website will link the consumer to Pet Smart – who in turn, will pay your a percentage for each sale you make. Its a legitimate business with fantastic potential. The more websites you develop, the more opportunities arise for your to potential to earn money.

Ben and his partner, Dave Clabeaux, have built an empire together. Friends since college, together they are both making a million dollar income and travel all over the world. They want to speak to as many people they can about their success and want to share their secrets through the program they have created. They love telling their stories at seminars and also have free, short videos on the internet to view. They are down to earth and their success has not changed them in the least, and are still excited about this legitimate business venture that has made them financially secure beyond their wildest dreams.

They have developed a program that will guide you step by step, and teach you how to build websites that will draw. They have named their seminar “The Six Figure Program” and attendees are growing bigger and bigger every class.

They have also co-authored a book called “The Online Entrepreneur, “which has been sold in over 40 countries. Their internet sales have generated over $30 million dollars in the past 3 years for Fortune 500 companies including First Bank of Delaware, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and dozens of other retailers and service providers.

Don’t be fooled by those who say the program is a scam or “The Six Figure Program” doesn’t work. There will always be those who want a quick and easy way to make money, and will try to discount this program. Don’t believe it.

“The Six Figure Program” is not a scam or a rip off. Nor is it an easy fix or a get rich quick scheme. If you want to become a millionaire overnight, buy a lottery ticket. Ben and Dave will tell you that you need to educate yourself to see what market you want your developing website to target. It takes time and effort and will not happen immediatley. Find the niche that is out there needing to be filled and you will be happily surprised at the money you can make for yourself.

There are thousands of satisfied business people who are constantly in touch with Ben and Dave, and more are adding their names to the list everyday. New niches are being found and developed everday. A scam will eventually burn itself out and no longer create interest – this is certainly NOT the case with them.

Ben Moskel is surely an American success story, a turn self made millionaire who is proud to share his success with anyone who wants listen. His “Six Figure Program” and the Online Entreprenuer book have sold millions of copies world wide.