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More SEO Tips for Newbies

Where to start, What to do and What to Aim for with your Online Advertising.

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Twitter Tactics While it’s tempting to send a lot of advertising messages on websites such as Twitter you must be careful not to spam people. Your advertisement should be a part of the conversation you have on Twitter not the main even. You want to be seen as an expert in your field and a contributor to the discussion. This means that you should add links, video and other content that is useful to the reader and then add in your links to your blog or website every so often. This will keep your messages from being seen as spam. If you just spam your business on the site in a vain attempt to get buyers, this will backfire for you in a big way. You need to be a contributor to the discussion first and then you can periodically add in your sales link. Never just send a sales link, as it simply won’t work.

Facebook A Facebook page is free and it can help promote your business. Make sure you create a lot of content for your Facebook page. You can add in videos, links, and photographs, which will help enhance your page for your readers. You might include some information about your business too and how it can benefit people. Make sure you also engage readers on your page and answer their questions. You don’t want to abandon your Facebook page you want it to be fresh and updated as much as possible.

Google+ Google+ isn’t a popular as Facebook but its gathering steam. You sold create a Google+ page in addition to your Facebook page. You should take advantage of Google+ Local as you can advertise your business sin your local area and tell people more about you. Google+ Local also allows people to review your business which can be helpful. There are other sites such as LinkedIn which you can use. LinkedIn is perfect for business to business communications and it’s more for professionals than just average social media users so it’s a good site to talk about and advertise your business.

Be Active and Engage Don’t Always Sell On social media you need to be active and you have to engage readers. Make sure you provide them with good content and not just sales messages. If you are just going to be salesman and make pitches then social media is not going to work for you. The whole idea is to answer questions, provide solutions, and be an engaging personality on these sites and then the sales will come if you promote your link periodically. You want to be seen as that expert in your field or niche but not that annoying pitch person for some company. Social media can help you make sales if you use it in the right way. Think engagement and content first and then sales will naturally come from that.