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Monitor Your Services With Internet Cafe Software

If you are the owner of an internet cafe, you would certainly be looking for operating the systems in your cafe in most promising manner. Managing an internet cafe by providing efficient and reliable services to your users is a strenuous task. Providing efficient services to your clients and maintaining perfect environment in your net cafe can allow you to increase your profit. However, you must make sure that the systems in your net cafe are in a good condition with high speed internet in order to increase the number of your clients and sustaining a relaxed environment in your cafe.

We at antamedia provide you with the best package which can solve many of your issues in one go. If you install antamedia internet cafe software on your server and client PC’s in your net cafe then most of your problems are already resolved. As soon as you will install internet cafe software in your system, you will feel a change in whole environment. This software will make all of your systems efficient with the huge advantage of the exclusion of manual work. The major advantages of antamedia internet cafe software are;

oPrompt and exact calculation of time by eliminating the need for manual inscription of in and out time of customers.

oPre-defined time allocation for internet usage by any customer.

oFacility to assign different packages (hourly, one-day, weekly, monthly, etc.) to users depending on their requirement.

oComplete monitoring of the computers i.e. which computers are free and can be allotted to new customer and which ones are busy?

oDifferent pricing methods

oChat and Sharing of different applications over the LAN; like uploading games, music, movies and many more.

oClient panel on the client computer which allows him to track the time and remaining balance for usage.

oAutomatic login and log off after the paid time is over i.e. time control.

oYou can run a contingence plan over the server PC i.e. you can control the usage of usb’s, print services, software installations and vice versa.

oKeeps track of the complete record of internet usage hence enabling you to calculate time-specific or daily income in an easy way.

oGeneration of billing and internet usage reports.

oQuota control and reboot protection

oOption to promote your business by sending your campaign ads or banners at client computers.

oAvoids any deceit on behalf of employees by monitoring them through the activity log.

oMulti-lingual support

oMulti-cafe support

With so many advantages in hand and lots more to see in your mind’s eye, rest assured that your business is going to experience a grand diversity as soon as you install antamedia Internet cafe software. This will save lots of your expenses by reducing your need for hiring more employees to complete the manual work. As well as, it will enhance your profit by increasing the number of your customers.

So what are you looking for? Come on! Start growing your business and raise your turnover with antamedia internet cafe software in an economical manner.

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