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The advent of online shopping has become a force to reckon with, in recent times in modern India. Today, when peoples lives are a whirl of work and home, the truth is that no one has the time to go and shop at a physical store, be it Walmart or the grocery shop in the next street. The mantra in todays world is fast, and Minglekart provides exactly this for the customers. The hassles of getting ready: to step outside the house, start the vehicle, burn the fuel away to the supermarket, search for the product of choice and then wait in a line to finally make the payment for the product, make the whole experience an undesirable one. The Minglekart Team understands this more than anyone and strives to provide the customer maximum satisfaction possible by getting rid of all these hassles and replacing them with a few clicks on the computer. In addition to getting a range of products to choose from, the customer also has the option to return the product within a specified time if he is not satisfied.

Even the long-held belief of Indian shoppers not wanting to give their credit/debit card information online due to fear of fraud, has been put to ease by Minglekart because of the option of Cash-On-Delivery which enables the customers to pay for the product in cash only upon delivery. There is also the added advantage of reading other peoples reviews of a product first before buying. Though the percentage of Internet users in India is small compared to nations like the United States of America, the trend of online shopping is catching up rapidly. Todays Indian youth are more in favour of online shopping than its traditional counterpart, because of various reasons.

Minglekarts high discounts, absence of travel expenses, wider variety of products, access to international brands and the Cash-On-Delivery option are some of the major factors that attract the youth As emphasized before, the practice of online shopping saves both time and money. It is the only logical way to shop for any Indian customer with a computer and an internet connection. This makes online shopping the next big thing to happen in the sphere of Internet trends in India.

It is not only Indian shopping portals, but also foreign ones that have their eyes set on the tremendous potential of the Indian market. The boom of e-commerce as a business has also had a large impact on the market, giving jobs and livelihoods to many. Although the Indian E-Commerce websites have a little distance to travel before they can reach the benchmark set by their foreign counterparts who have features like Same-Day-Delivery, one can, especially Minglekart can, confidently say that we are catching up fast and good.