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Make Super Catfish And Carp Dips – Bait Soaks And Feeding Triggers

A very special combination of very powerful fish feed stimulators, when soaked into your baits, can really multiply your catches with ease…

Ground baiting for catfish and carp really can come down to regularity of feeding and the amounts you use to get the fish over their natural caution but it is the stimulatory additives you use that makes all the difference in the world!

When it comes to bait the: Big secret is the large quantity used and the regular feeding of very generous amounts of amino acid impregnated baits whether boilies, pellets, meat baits, fish baits, or ground baits of various descriptions or forms.

With regards dips, you might like to try mixing the Holland and Barret Liquid amino acids body building supplements (like Minamino) with Nash ‘Whiskey EE’s’ liquid supplement and Nutrabaits Nutramino. Using 3 types of amino acids sources with added attractors can really give your hook baits and ground baits a gigantic boost for big fish used as soaks, dips, outside flavourings frozen and defrosted into baits, etc.

Also, adding a heaped teaspoon of fine sea salt per 4 or 500 milliliters of amino acids mixture really multiplies your baits attraction. Try Adding 2 teaspoons of betaine hydrochloride per 4 to 500 milliliters liquid amino acids supplements.

Adding betaine hydrochloride to this salt and amino mixture makes this a vastly superior attractor and really pulls fish in towards your baits and swim in an ideal feeding stimulated state ready to feed and get hooked! Betaine is very highly stimulatory to many species of fish, carp and catfish included along with fish like trout, bass, eels and even sea fish like flounders!

You can buy betaine HCL from many fishing suppliers especially from specialist fishing bait suppliers, health food shops, chemists, drug stores etc. There is a form of tablets you can get with pepsin and betaine hydrochloride combined and these are great. Many species of fish really get turned even more if digestive juices like pepsin have already started to digest their food for them in advance or are supplied in their food!

Try freezing these prepared mixtures into your baits (even into paste, dough or pellet baits) and defrost and refreeze these into your hook baits and free baits about 5 times and your baits will be in a different class to readymades without this special preparation.

This process changes the structure for the of the baits for the better and also allows bacteria to build up in them and start to predigest them which is very highly beneficial too releasing even more amounts of attractive amino acids, sugars, alcohols and flavours from your baits all of which are highly stimulatory.

The point is to saturate your baits full of freely water soluble amino acids and ingredients that provide these, as these are some of the very best for attracting big carp, catfish and many other species, second to none! If you want to use this method to the extremes I recommend it, you will always catch bags more big fish especially using the above type of mixture. (You do not even need flavours!)

I personally do not advocate commercial flavours not because they do not catch fish, but because the average angler uses them. Id prefer to use flavours of the naturally distilled kind, you can get these in banana or cranberry for example, or you can natural plant extracts like chilli oil instead.

If you use the above freezing and defrosting method for all your free baits too, you could be top rod everywhere if you fish correctly and keep feeding enough bait.

I never bait up with free baits of the whole boilie baits description on harder fished waters. In many fishing situations this is pointless. It can often actually make the bigger fish harder to catch for various reasons – so instead, repeatedly soak, freeze and defrost your free baits and chop them up! It may be messy and take time but you will be amazed at the results and how fast they can come in even short fishing sessions…

The author has many more fishing and bait edges up his sleeve. Every single one can have a huge impact on catches. (Warning: This article is protected by copyright.)

By Tim Richardson.

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