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Key Online Marketing Tools For Affiliate Marketing

If you know the 4 ready and hands-on online marketing tools, your affiliate marketing can witness immense success. With so many internet marketers selling their products and services, some great systems can really help if you know how to use them. Making money online is not much of a problem these days as the tools are there to help you out. They are basically the capture or the squeeze page creator, autoresponders, the ad tracker and the URL rotator.

Squeeze page creator

For building your opt-in list, the squeeze page creator is something you cannot compromise on. An attractive web page is the first thing that catches the eye and keeps the traffic coming to your site more engaged. If your webpage is full of twitches and animations, the real subject matter of your web page could get hidden. And visitors to websites do not have the time to check out if you are really worth or not. Without a good opt-in list, your material will simply float and you need an expert capture page creator for the job.


The first impression is the best impression and everyone wants an automatic response from the website they visited once they check it out. Attractive web pages are simple and they allow the visitor to stay engaged rather than get distracted from the real issue. To get the most out of the prospect list requires putting an auto responder which can do loads for affiliate marketing. You need to develop an ongoing relationship to turn prospects into customers. It can help educate your prospects regularly about your products or services.

Ad tracker

By just putting in an ad doesnt help for affiliate marketers as you need to keep track of them. You need to know how much is generated and without it, you would be a blind advertiser in online marketing. Affiliate marketers need to known how their advertisements are working and what they need to do to ramp them up. You need to know whether the ad got zero hits or a substantial number of hits. It is not at all difficult to use a tracker, but you need to know how to analyze the results of the ad tracker to know how effective marketing is and how it is running.

URL rotator

You need the URL rotator for doing split testing and promoting multiple affiliate products on a rotational basis. You need to do that for establishing ad-coops for your down line affiliates. Your best bet would be to get an easy to manage URL rotator like the plug in profit stuff. It is an excellent marketing tool that can do loads for your online marketing, advertising and promo needs. By using the 4 tips including the ad tracker and the autoresponder, your affiliate marketing can be helped in loads as these are great online marketing tools.