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John Yeo’s Bloggers Paycheck Review

I was very surprised when the Master Blog Profits subscribers voted Bloggers Paycheck their number one choice as best overall blogging guide for making money. Bloggers Paycheck is by no means the most well known guide out on the market today so what makes John Yeo’s guide the best?

The answer quite simply is that this is perhaps the most down to earth yet detailed guide on how to turn your blogsite into one that generates multiple streams of income. John Yeo’s story is one that we can all relate to. John is a newly-web social worker from Singapore, who helps kids find hope and happiness in their lives. He also blogged part time. What happened is that John learnt specific steps that anyone can take to turn their passion into money.

One of the reasons we love Bloggers Paycheck so much is that fundamentally John holds the same philisophy that we do, find out your passions, blog and write about those and success will follow. You just need to learn some basic and key concepts around driving traffic to your blog and the correct way to monetize.

John’s own blog was specifically about his planning for his wedding day. You can visit John’s blog that started it all at: www.romance-fire.com. As you can see he has a lot of information, has a specific niche, advertising income and updates regularly, he truly has a passion and he has been well rewarded.

The Bloggers Paycheck consists of five (5) comprehensive volumes that will teach you set-by-step the methods that John has followed to make $1,000’s. The great aspect of having these five volumes is that if you are already confident in one area you can just simpy jump into the aspect that is going to give you the best return.

The Five Volumes are:

Volume 1 – Foundation and Setting Up Volume 2- Traffic Mastery Volume 3 – Maketing Online Volume 4 – Profit and Monetixation Models Volume 5 – 6 Figures Earner’s Mindset

At the moment John is even offering for a limited time a free offer for instant access to The Secretbloggers Cheatsheet that shows you how to start making money online from scratch.

Bloggers paycheck is very much a ‘take action’ kind of ebook, through the examples and many pictures John Yeo takes you on a journey to ensure that you have all the information to get start quickly making money.

The key again for us is that John takes the time to go through the importance of picking the right niche for you as a person and is not just about making money. In fact even if you have zero plans on making money and just want to look at ways you can improve you blog then you will get a lot from Bloggers Paycheck.

Thank you to John Yeo for a great guide.