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Internet explorer 9 problems

Internet explorer 9 (ie9) is the advanced version of internet explorer web browser released by Microsoft Company in March 2011.Internet explorer 9 is better than its previous versions in the following sense – Pinned sites like facebook, twitter etc.

Internet explorer 9 has also a protection manager to protect your computer and browser from malware or other viruses.

Ie9 has advanced tab page structure and tabs.

Internet explorer9 has also combined user interface.

But along with many enhanced pros internet explorer 9 has several problems. Some of the main problems are listed below-

Antic behavior of browser- while opening a legal and authorized site browser shows some error messages like-” unable to download web page” or some other notification. This issue is mostly caused by unsupported content or incompatible scripting in website code. In such a case website coder is getting failed to encode the code and hence file browsing is not being completed. Solution to this type of problem is that, you should check compatibility of your components attached by third party to your browser and then again retry.

Graphic issues-In rare cases internet explorer 9 may crashes on startup or face some display problems while drawing the webpage content. To solve this issue follow these steps-

Click on start tab and then click control panel. On control panel click on advanced tab then click “use software rendering instead cpu rendering” Then click on ok button.

User interface-In this issue, a” pop up” menu or window appears on clicking every tab and you need to close it every time to read the content of main window. This issue can be solved by changing settings of download manager. After doing that notification appears at bottom or on particular side of the main window.

Video download issues-While playing video online browser may face following issues-

Video may be failed to download.

Video may be paused during play.

Video window turned black while playing video.

Then only one solution to this problem, is to reinstall your window media player technology i.e. flash player, adobe reader, etc.

When internet explorer 9 crashes immediately- Then you should firstly make sure that you are using a good internet connection and if it get sure ,then restart your computer. otherwise follow these steps-

Reset settings of internet explorer.

Scan it from viruses Install its latest updates Disable all add-ons. If you are not able to open your internet explorer or it opens for very short time and then closed. you should check your memory space and your missing and corrupted files then restart your computer and then check it.

All problems arising with internet explorer 9 are given in the article along with their solution, After that you are unable to solve or fix your problems then you can contact PCASTA technical services for any kind of problem related to any internet connection. PCASTA solve all your issues with its professional technicians at 100% satisfaction and at your convenience.