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Work for SUCCESS or work for FAILURE, the choice is yours!

I know it sounds silly to suggest that anyone would work towards failure, but if you are not working towards success then what exactly are you working towards?.

Spare a thought, if you will, for the old adage, ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’.

Who would accept that not taking action towards success is in fact taking action towards its opposite.

A very good way to establish if you are in fact taking the appropriate action towards a successful outcome is to set out a written guideline that you would follow if you were consciously trying to fail.

It is well recorded and easily accessible, what is required to be successful as an internet marketer.

However if you were to write out the ingredients necessary to bring about failure, what would it look like?

In order to fail you would need to:

1) Live in a fantasy world expecting overnight success.

2) Get bogged down in indecision and fail to take any action whatsoever.

3) Buy every new information product you come across, never settling on any one strategy.

4) Keep believing that there is one magic secret out there and you will magically stumble on it.

5) Don’t learn the basic principles of successful internet marketing.

6) Keep believing that the strategies that have not worked in the past will mysteriously bring success in the future.

7) Keep blaming other people, places and things for your present dilemma.

8) Believe you are entitled to success without putting in the necessary effort.

9) Believe that you can go it alone, even though you have little ability and no previous experience.

The reason you need to write down these and other behaviours and attitudes, is that you need to consciously identify the key ingredients of failure and then commit to doing the opposite.

Conscious awareness of the reasons for failure is a useful way to change your behaviour and consequently change your future.

Ask any successful business person, the reasons for success and they will invariably say:

1) Practice of sound business principles.

2) Focused and determined action.

3) Going to the lengths necessary through hard work.

4) Remain teachable and seek help where necessary.

5) Accept that the required effort for success is unavoidable.

Because the online marketplace is so huge it is easy to believe that there are large numbers of people just waiting to whip out their plastic and make a purchase. This belief can serve to make you think that online marketing success will just happen, and that you can short cut your way to riches However experience shows that this is rarely the case and this approach is very risky.

We live in a ’cause and effect’ world, so a much more pragmatic approach is to understand and carry out the most appropriate actions: THIS IS THE KEY TO ONLINE MARKETING SUCCESS.