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Enjoy Blu-ray And Dvd Or Hd Videos On Ipad Via Air Video

We have tried watch Blu-ray, DVD, HD Video movies in the iPad, really enjoyed, and today I will provide a Gelivable way! We sure that the same problem: iPad HDD is too small! Simply can’t meet the needs of our growing entertainment ( movies / music apps games eBook more).

Yeah, iPad memorys is too small, the iPad 16G, after installed several Apps or your favorite Games, and put several 720p HD movies, iPad capacity will left. Apple said: Recommended to buy a maximum of 64G iPad, just expensive than 200 dollars (Today I can help you save the 200 dollars.)

Watch a movie in the iPad, and do not eat its memory capacity, who can help us to achieve? Wi-Fi + Air Video can do it! OK, not much gossip said.

Our target: Enjoy Blu-ray/DVD, HD Video on iPad with Air Video – not eat memorys

Air Video for iPad, yes, that is it!

It can put all the computer through the Wi-Fi video streaming on your iPad (also supports Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch). Weird, since we need not worry about iPad low capacity.

Air Video Features:

Video Streaming

Air Video can stream videos in almost any format to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You don’t need to copy your videos to the device just to watch them.

Live Conversion

If the videos in your collection are not in format supported by iPad or iPhone, Air Video will convert them on fly*. You don’t need to wait until the entire video is converted. You can start watching it almost immediately!

Note: Live Conversion requires iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with firmware 3.0 and a sufficiently powerful computer (Intel Core 2 duo or equivalent processor is recommended).

Part 1: How to use Air Video to stream movies from PC/Mac to iPad?

First: You need to download and install Air Video Server on you PC or Mac, and next must step – download the Air Video App from iTunes on iPad – http://itunes.apple.com/app/air-video-watch-your-videos/id306550020?mt=8 .

Note: Air Video has two version for users(I used Air Video Free), the difference is Air Video Free only shows limited number of files in each folder (3-5). More about Air Video Free & Air Video difference form their offical support: http://www.inmethod.com/forum/posts/list/919.page

Two: Once the server is running, add folders that you want to share.

If you have videos in your iTunes playlists, you can also share those playlists; and wanna play BD/DVD hd movies on iPad, you need to rip BD/DVD to hard drive first.

Note: If you have been running Air Video Server before the window will not open. You can access it using Air Video Server icon in menubar (on Windows the icon is in system tray).

Three: Running Air Video on iPad

In Air Video on your iPad add your computer folder to server list(share for iPad), just click “+” to add.

After the server is added you can browse its folders.

Now: Just click the movie Title for Enjoying any HD Video!

Part 2: How to play/put Blu-ray/DVD and HD video on iPad?

Play Blu-ray/DVD movies on iPad via Air Video, first need to rip BD/DVD to hard drive from you PC or Mac with Blu-ray Ripper, then stream the ripped movies via Air Video. Let’s begin the Blu-ray/DVD on iPad guide:

Step 1: Download and run this Blu-ray Ripper, and load Blu-ray or DVD into this program by clicking the or “File”->”BD/DVD-Rom”.

Please note: This Blu-ray Ripper also can load Blu-ray/DVD folder(BDMV) and BD/DVD ISO/IFO files

Step 2: Select iPad format by clicking Format > iPad to choose the desired iPad video format from the iPad format profile. Profile “iPad HD Video (*.mp4)”is recommended here( H.264, 720p HD, .MP4). You can click the “Settings” button to get the parameters in the Profile Settings window.

Step 3: Click the to start ripping Blu-ray to iPad playable format once the above settings are done. Only within a short time, you will get the ripped Blu-ray movies on your hard drive.

Now, run Air Video to stream BD/DVD and HD movies from you PC or Mac to iPad, enjoy it.

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