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An Inexpensive Ebook Reader – Is Buying One A Good Idea

Since the Kindle has come out there have been a huge variety of ebook readers introduced to the market place. After the turn of the year, there have been many more new reader announced. Some are of the the same quality as the Kindle with expanded features while others are very discounted and cheap devices that are just meant to load up documents on it and read. Should one go for the full featured models or the cheap ones?

The cheap readers actually make more sense at the moment for a variety of reasons.

First, all the cheap ebook readers do is read ebooks. While other expensive models attempt to add other features, what one really wants from a reader is one that lasts a long time with battery life and can read material. Without 3G connections and wifi the cheaper readers will have long battery life and do what they are designed to do.

With the amount of readers on the market, many publishers are going to want open formats like PDF. While there might be some Kindle-only books or others that choose to go on just one format, you won’t really be left out too much. Any device you buy will miss the exclusive titles of other devices anyway. Publishers who want to market via the ebook will sell multiple formats and one is bound to be PDF which will work on a cheap device.

There are already thousands of free books to read that can be downloaded from the internet. A cheap ebook reader is cheaper than reading this material printed out and a bit more comfortable than reading on your desktop or laptop computer.

Tablets might be the next big thing. Rumors are that major companies are going to have tablets. These will blow the expensive ebook readers out of the water. Save your money by buying cheap readers now just for reading and let go of needing the other soon to be pointless features.