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Adult Turnkey Home Based Business Opportunity Scams & Myths Exposed

Please do yourself a favor and read this before purchasing any Adult Turnkey Work From Home Website. You will be more than happy you did.

Adult Turnkey Work From Home Based Business Scams & Myths Exposed Saving You Thousands.


1.Profit Charts Are Scams. Do you really think the Turnkey Adult Business is so simple you will make $1,500.00 or more in your first month in your Home Based Adult Business? If this business were that simple why would they sell sites to you? I wouldnt!!

2.Testimonials. Who writes these? They are not true!! Who writes things about your web design company when things have gone very well? Nobody does. From over 12 years in the adult design business I know very well that people only write about you when they are not happy.

3.Hosting Scam. Why should you be charged a Hosting Fee for the 1st month in business? A Professional Web Design Company should provide the first month for FREE. Why dont they? Many charge $50 per month up to $250 per month. Why?

4.Updating Content. Content should be updated weekly. Constantly adding content only makes sense to increase revenue by recurring billing. Many turnkey design companies get your money upfront and have no reason to update your content. Updating content costs money. Why would they waste their money once they have yours? It wouldnt make sense for them to update your content since it costs money for them to do so and they dont make any money on the backend for doing so.

5.Marketing Tools. Do you even understand these tools? Are you left alone to utilize these tools without any guidance at all? From what we have seen in our research you are left alone to try and use these. Whether it is buying traffic, banner exchanges or charging for site submissions, these all cost money and are a joke. These tools do not make you money but they sure as hell make the design company a great deal. Usually they take in more money from this marketing crap than they do from the design of your turnkey adult website. A good Adult Work From Home Turnkey Business is going to provide at least the initial Hands On SEO and is going to be on call for questions, concerns and guidance.

6.Dont show full sample sites. If the company does not show you full sample sites with many FREE Preview Clips run like hell. Dont you want to know what you are buying? What are they hiding? If you would not join up for your own adult turnkey site why would anyone else?

7.Incentive to assist you in making money. Shouldnt there be one? Many of these adult turnkey design companies have no incentive we know of. We call them Front Loaded design companies where they get your money upfront and then they dont seem to know you anymore. They should be a Back Ended turnkey design company where the majority of the money they make from you comes from them assisting you to make money.


8.The adult industry is saturated. Not exactly. Just like any business you need to choose a specific targeted market and produce the best product. Micro Niche Specific Markets have minimal competition. No saturation here. New niche markets are created everyday.

9.People say they wont invest in the adult industry because they are late to the game. People say this all the time regarding stocks and have been proven time and time again to be very incorrect. The biggest risk of all is not taking one. This is so very true. People that sit on the sidelines and wonder what could have been go nowhere in life. But please understand this is a long term business just like any other and making money takes time.

10.There is too much FREE Content out there. If you are talking about the blonde haired blue-eyed girl I might agree with you. If you are talking about Micro Niche Specific Content you couldnt be further from the truth. Tube sites are the ones that provide most of the FREE content today but they are a dying fad in the adult business. The whole business model was flawed from the start and even the largest of these are having serious trouble making money any more. They will become dinosaurs and die out just like any other fad does. As their advertising money dries up so will they. Granted this may take some time but will happen nonetheless.

11.Need tremendous startup money. No you dont. You can Start A Quality Adult Home Based Turnkey Business for around $400.00 with Free Hosting for the first year. Shop around.

12.100% of revenue goes to you so the promise goes. This is a half-truth. What is your cost? Is the site quality HD niche content that will convert into cash? Ask yourself if you would not sign up for your own site why would you expect anyone else to? The average payout from some companies is as little as 40% when you count costs. 60% is a good number for turnkey adult websites with niche specific content.

13.Most expensive site is best. Least expensive is worst. This is what most turnkey design companies want you to believe but this is far from the truth. Price does not mean quality though we all seem to be programmed to believe this. I am not sure what idiot taught us this but someone must have unless it is just human nature. Who knows!!