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A Kitten Care Video on Solutions for Kittens Eating Trash

How Do I Stop My Kitten or Cat From Eating Out Of the Trash?

The simple answer to this question; stop feeding your cat table food. If you have been feeding your cat table food for the last two or three months, they are going to continuously eat table food. They are not going to want cat food anymore. They are going to turn over your garbage, they will get into your refrigerator, they are going to use any means necessary to get what you are eating, table food. If they love what you are eating, they are going to continue eating what you eat because you are going to continue giving it to them, right?

NO – you are not.

If you do not stop giving table food to your cat, they are going to develop worms. Worms can lead to heart worms, which can lead to ulcers also your cat can get gallstones from eating table food. If you didn’t know about any of this, now you know.

Stop giving them table food because the health risks are very high for both kittens and cats. Some cats and kittens cannot digest table food and in the end, this can cause you and your kitten problems at home and at the vet.

That is why we have always maintained a strict diet for our cats, cat food only – not people or table food, just plain and simple cat food. Table food has a lot of salt can develop different types of bacteria that kittens and cat cannot digest.

Also, it is very important to remember, do not give your kitten milk. If you do, it will spoil in their stomach and can also make them sick.

So – those are the things that you want to prevent, these are also the solutions that can stop your cat or kitten from going inside your garbage.