The Affiliate Marketing Opportunity And How To Exploit It In 7 Simple Steps

There is no doubt that affiliate marketing represents a massive opportunity to earn substantial money from the comfort of your own home and the only tools you need are your PC and broadband connection, however newbie affiliate marketers often achieve very little success if any to justify their efforts.

Although this is a business model that anyone can follow it is vital to understand the two key ingredients of affiliate marketing success; targeted traffic and pre-selling the product.

Targeted traffic is self explanatory but what do I mean by ‘pre-selling the product’?

Pre-selling the product simply means that instead of sending your traffic directly to the product’s sales page (what most unsuccessful affiliates do) your traffic is directed to a review page that provides an insiders view of the product.

Here are my seven simple steps to exploiting the affiliate marketing opportunity;

1 Choose the product you are going to promote. I focus on high value products in my niche preferably with a monthly recurring billing feature to earn monthly commissions. High profile products work best.

2 Buy the domain name “” (replacing “product name” with the name of the product you are promoting)

3 create a free WordPress blog on the domain.

4 Review the product (ask the owner for a review copy) and post your review to your blog.

5 Create a video tour of the product (use a screen-shot video tool such as and post the video to your blog.

6 Distribute the video to as many video sharing sites as possible (hey!spread will automate this for a small fee).

7 Digg your posts and video (

It is important to post new material to the blog every couple of days for the first week.

These simple steps should result in your review site appearing on the first page of search results for your keywords (the product name).

High profile products (especially big product launches) attract a lot of search engine traffic from prospects who want to check the product out before buying, these people will find your review site, read your review and click your affiliate link to buy!

Because these seven simple steps to exploiting the affiliate marketing opportunity cost just a few dollars you can promote any number of products this way and once the initial set up work is done it pretty much runs itself!

For a free step by step guide with example screen-shots and earnings click the link below.

Generating Traffic With Internet Yellow Pages

Every Internet marketer and webmaster knows the value of traffic and how important it is; it doesn’t matter what kind of online business you run, if you’re not getting it in front of your target audience, you’re losing time and money. There is an array of approaches for showing your business to Internet prospects nevertheless your mind should be directed just toward the approaches that literally get outcomes. The Internet Yellow pages turn out to be an excellent option for creating targeted traffic however they aren’t typically made use of to their fullest extent. So how do you truly go about powering the online form of the Yellow Pages to reap exposure for your business?

Firstly, when the business name you’re listed under is optimized for the search engines, your results will be much better. When your business name contains your keywords, this will enable the search engines to rank your listing highly for these keywords. It also makes sense to include your location in addition to your business name, so that people searching for local listings will find you; in other words, rather than advertising “Johnny’s Steakhouse,” you’d make it, “Johnny’s Steakhouse Dallas.” So make sure you optimize your business name when you submit your listing. Secondly, if you desire to stay ahead of your competition and really reach out to your target audience with your business, then utilizing the web’s Yellow Pages is a necessity. There is a reason that such a steep number of companies combine this Internet resource with their marketing arsenal; they know it generates findings. Don’t forget, if you aren’t going utilize the Yellow Page on the web for your business, your competition will do so unquestionably. As a business, you should see that you shouldn’t disregard any effective marketing technique; so put forward your site to Yellow Pages on the web to gain results over time.

You also shouldn’t limit yourself when submitting your business to Internet Yellow Pages because the more places you submit your listing to the greater exposure for your business. People will use various yellow pages to search for your type of business since they are spread around the web and the world. Not to mention, once you have your listing ready, it won’t take much time to carry out the process of listing your business. So take the time to focus on the quality of your listing and making your business presentable to your prospects. In summary, out of the above article it becomes evident that online Yellow Pages is a great method for getting your online business known by a local audience and start getting targeted exposure. It can confirm to be a terrific resource to get you the sort of attention you yearn for, although if you believe that getting your business listed will work mysteriously and provide you with immediate results, then you’re incorrect. It is vital for you to be tolerant before you start to see results and put in dependable efforts to expand your business by other means as well.

Mikki Stahli is a rising star in the blogging world who writes articles on affiliate marketing, advertising and MLM. Her passion for blogging draws readers all over the world. Checkout her articles on MLM success tips and on Nu Skin tips

Online Shopping Store

Rising disposable incomes and a growing economy have resulted in the burgeoning growth of online shopping stores. Recently, ASSOCHAM conducted a survey, which revealed that almost 40% of the surveyed people claimed to prefer online shopping. These 40% hailed from the cities of Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Jaipur, Lucknow, and Delhi. Online shopping is simple and one gets things at competitive prices not available with local stores. As per the projections of Boston Consulting Group, India”s online retail shopping could be an industry worth some $86 billion by 2016. This figure is over 10 times of the estimated worth of Online Shopping in 2010. In fact, online shopping is also projected to account for about 4.5% of total retail.
Less than 10% of the market share is composed of large chains and organised retail can scarcely be said to be a pan-India matter. The result is that usually smaller towns don”t get access to goods available in big metro cities. In such a scenario, online retail sites have levelled the playground. India is supposedly the third largest Internet market as per total number of users. Out of this, some 60% of the users hail from smaller towns.
Due to Internet penetration, online shoppers from smaller towns can now access the same prices and deals that were earlier restricted to people living in larger cities and metros. Online shoppers buy a huge variety of products such as gadgets, gifts, leptop bags, books, etc.
As per a survey conducted by the Internet and Mobile Association of India, online shopping in Delhi and Mumbai is at a boom and accounts for some 44% of online purchases. This is followed by Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata at 8%, 7%, and 4% respectively., with fine operational processes and a sophisticated infrastructure of modern technology, has fulfilled different marketing programs for its Indian consumers through particular genres.
The Internet user population in India is amongst the youngest, with nearly 75% of the population being less than 35 years of age. A large segment of this population has much higher disposable incomes than its earlier generation. provides cash on delivery options, which takes care of the issue of many people not owning credit cards. also offers the facility of 15 day replacement guarantee.
Over the next year and a half, a high level of consolidation is estimated in the industry and is committed to providing diverse top brand offerings available in the country and overseas from categories such as PC Android Tablets, Mobiles, Pen Drives & Mobile Accessories, Gadgets, and Leptop Bags etc. From browsing to delivery, ranks amongst the Best online shopping sites in the country

When Will The Fed Increase Interest Rates

Palos Verdes, CA. There is an old German saying “postponed but not nullified”. This is true for the Feds decision to keep its central bank rates unchanged in September and October. The Feds vote against hiking rates surprised everyone less than did the reasons why.

It seems the bench line of the unemployment rate has been downgraded in favor of actual inflation. This approach has caused some uncertainty in the real estate markets for the following reasons:

1) The Fed always runs the risk of getting it wrong, as it might constitute either too early or too late a move. To minimize any adverse impact, they create frameworks with policy objectives that are linked to intermediate targets. This does not eliminate uncertainty, but it at least reduces it as to how the Fed will react to future events. This reaction function cannot, and should not be, cast in stone, as the links from intermediate targets to policy goals are themselves uncertain and subject to change.

2) The Feds mandate is to create maximum employment with stable prices, which they define as 2% inflation. Fed officials have argued that they cant wait for actual inflation to breach the 2% level, given the long and variable lags from policy to prices. As a result, they have often indicated that they will look out for signals of future inflation, the first being the unemployment rate, and use this as the intermediate target for setting rates.

According to economist Robert Stammers, interest rates, especially the rates on interbank exchanges have a profound effect on the value of income-producing real estate. Because the influence of interest rates on an individual’s ability to purchase residential properties is so profound, many people incorrectly assume that the only deciding factor is in the mortgage rate. However, mortgage rates are a major factor for influencing property values. Because interest rates also affect capital flows, the supply and demand for capital and investors’ required rates of return on investment, interest rates will drive property prices in a variety of ways.

Economist Stammers go on to say to understand how government-influenced interest rates, capital flows and financing rates affect property values, you should have a basic understanding of the income approach to real estate values. The income approach provided by appraisers of income rental properties is the discounted cash flow analysis.
In simple terms, the valuation starts by forecasting property income, which takes the form of anticipated rental income. Then, by taking all property-level costs, including the financing cost, the analyst arrives at the net operating income (NOI), or cash flow remaining after all operating expenses.
By subtracting all capital costs, as well as any investment capital to maintain or repair the property and other non-property-specific expenses from NOI, the result is the net cash flow available to investors. By discounting the cash flow stream for a given investment period, the property value is determined.
Demand for real estate is related to changes in affordability. The fewer people able to purchase homes, the greater the demand for rentals and vice versa. Another important factor affecting supply and demand is the availability and cost of mortgage money. Interest rates play an important role in determining demand.

In the final analysis, w still believe that Fed action will take place during the coming winter season.

Neville Goddard. Best Neville Goddard Audio Mp3 Ebooks.

YES! For all you Neville Goddard fans…Nevilles back!

Here’s how the Neville Goddard audio and Secret of Imagining Collection came into being.

A few years ago I was introduced to this interesting chap called Neville Goddard by another interesting person called Joe Vitale (Thanks Joe!).

The book that got me started on my Neville Goddard journey was “At your Command”. This book opened my mind and I decided to look for an audio version on the Internet…surely there must be one…but there wasn’t!

So, having already learned the process by recording the Master Key System by Charles Haanel, I decided to record and create an At Your Command audio book.

The next step I felt that I had to complete was the Neville Goddard 1948 lessons & lectures.

Once again I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t already an audio version available. That was soon fixed and a couple of months later the job was done. Phew! I released these on the Internet in I think 2006 or early 2007.

Fast forward to 2009. I suddenly became interested in Neville Goddard again and came across an old audio called “The Secret of Imagining”. Well in fact I came across a few different versions and I included by far the best one in the Secret of Imagining collection.

So, inspired once again by Neville, I set out to put together a collection of Neville’s works with the emphasis on his teaching of visualization and feeling.

I searched through all the old files I had collected and sorted out the lectures that were focused on the secret of imagining and I also organised much of the other Neville works I had into a library.

Here’s a summary of what’s in the Neville Goddard Audio Secret of Imagining Collection:

First there are two FREE Neville Goddard audio for you and two videos where I explain how to manifest using Neville Goddard technique and a money manifesting technique I developed.

-The Neville Goddard At Your Command Audios mp3,
-Neville Goddard At Your Command Ebook,
-Neville Goddard 1948 Lessons-lectures Audios mp3,
-Neville Goddard 1948 Lessons-lectures Audios Complete Ebook pdf,
-26 Neville Goddard Secret of Imagining Lecture Pack pdf,
-Your Own 200 Neville Goddard Lecture Library pdf,
-4 additional Neville Goddard Ebooks pdf including:
-Your Faith Is Your Fortune by neville goddard,
-Awakened Imagination by neville goddard,
-The Law and The Promise by neville goddard,
-The Power of Awareness by neville goddard;
AND by me
the Super Money Abundance Audio (From one of my courses),
The Power of Relaxation Talk
and the Alpha Metronome.

Hope that you enjoy this amazing Neville Goddard audio mp3 ebook lecture collection from Neville.

Wishing you all the SUCCESS you can IMAGINE!

Online Shopping and Its Importance

In today world people do not change themselves with time. They do the thing just because that is the way there friends or family done them. In this world time is changing at very fast rate and online shopping versus traditional and mortar shopping should be reviewed. Is there is advantage in brick or mortar or not. We discuss the things that you must consider when choosing between an online store or traditional and mortar store. Main thing is that almost every people think about price, selection, delivery, security, and warranty. Price is very important in shopping every people compare price with many shops this means that buyers are looking for good deals and online store are able to offer lower price because of many reasons. Retail outlets have cost for display, salesmen and cost of maintaining. Price also effect the cost because of moving the goods from the manufacturer to sale locations. Above are the main points why the online store offer low price. Out of 100 times 99 times online store can offer a lower price. In past selection is the area of weakness for online store but it changes with time as there are many big box online store n online retailer is now able to compete both variety and market and this gives advantage to online store. If you want to purchase something today in this situation brick and mortar store will help you and it is the biggest advantage of it. The traditional store allows you to touch and handle the item. The other side of coin is that if you plan to purchase in future it is convenient for you to stay in home and purchase online. The online store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. They are available when you decide to shop. There is delivery cost in brick and mortar store but on online store gives discount and sometimes even free. The conclusion is that especially in today’s world the online retailer has various option. The days of brick and mortar stores dominating the market are gone. There are many cases where the online retailer advantage over the traditional retailer. If you are a business men so it is important to know that may people turned to the internet to shopping experience that is why if you have website be sure to incorporate the functionality of a Shopping Cart Software. Through shopping cart software you will be able to sell your products to your customers without having to deal with them anymore. Shopping cart software provide experience fast and pleasant shopping to their customers. Shopping cart software system benefit you in shopping because if you have shopping cart software your customers can directly put a shop to their online shopping experience.

Amazing Web Hosting Services

India becoming a boon in the web hosting services, it has become a well
known web hosting hub. Web hosting services in India has been providing
various services like shared, reseller, dedicated and virtual private
servers. These are just few names, there are much more that web hosting
India can offer but the problem is that very few realize importance of
these services.
In the article, many benefits web hosting services
in India has been listed. In these few are a common but few are
acknowledged by few. These are:

Affiliate Markerting – The Pros And Cons

If you are looking for a very lucrative opportunity to start to your online career, it may worth your effort checking what affiliate marketing has in store for you. If you already have some basic understanding about affiliate marketing and how it works, you can begin your profession by simply joining an affiliate network which can earn you a pretty good amount of money even without leaving your home. Affiliate marketing is a fast growing online career and it can certainly offer you alternative options on how to earn money online. With a little knowledge in internet marketing and a good dose of determination to succeed, you can really make this work out for you after all.

The process of becoming an affiliate marketer is slightly more complex than being a regular affiliate but once you are in the network, everything will be rolling in easy. But before you can start your affiliate marketing profession you are required to join an affiliate marketing network before you can have your first client. Affiliate marketing networks have to check every applicant before accepting their membership. Almost all affiliate networks are relatively easy to become a member but some would definitely require that you have some experience in internet marketing and some networks would even accept novice applicants to join their group. Even if you are outside United States, you can be easily accepted by affiliate marketing networks existing in the U.S.

One of the major advantages of affiliate marketing is that you can easily switch one product with another if you find that it is not converting well or there is no enough demand for it in the market regardless of how extensive your marketing promotion is. This means that you will not be stuck with a product that is not working positively for your affiliate business. The only drawback is that you need to become a member with a vast affiliate network if you want to really earn big commissions for your affiliate marketing. If you are still new to this venture, you need to establish your presence first and do most of the legwork so you can have more clients. Generating traffic is one of the biggest challenges faced by new and experienced affiliate marketers but once you are able to overcome this, profits will come rolling your way. Employing some of the tried and tested internet marketing strategies can help you achieve your goals easily in affiliate marketing like a Pay Per Click campaign can help you generate well targeted traffic which has a higher conversion rate for your business.

The truth is that affiliate marketing is a great and thriving business if you will only take the time to try it for yourself. By learning all the essential factors that are involved in affiliate marketing; you are ready to earn huge profits at once. You can conduct more research about this particular career to further enhance your knowledge and although this may seem as an easy venture, you also have to consider the fact that in some ways affiliate marketing could be more difficult than any of your regular day jobs because you need to invest some time and extra effort in knowing who your clients are and what are the essential elements you need to know about their products.

Popularity Of Vintage Clothing Online Shopping

Shopping has always been a top priority for people especially women. It has been considered as their favorite hobby and a great pastime. There are so many different varieties that are available for different products that the buyer is spoilt for choices and has a hard time deciding what to buy and what to leave out. The Indian tunics and Indian skirts have gained popularity around the world and now many people are seen wearing them. The colors and different designs of Indian wear have always been admired by people and it is known that foreigners look forward to buying Indian wear.

There are so many websites these days that are offering Indian skirts and Indian tunics. Vintage clothing online shopping has become a popular trend and many people are now going to the internet to buy their favorite purchases. The online shopping websites have a great variety and stock different brands making it easier for people to shop. They have various colors and different designs in Indian skirts and Indian tunics that buyers have a good opportunity to choose from. The vintage clothing online shopping offer great discounts and coupons on various products making it attractive enough for the customers. Everyday the websites offer different discounts and schemes in order to lure customers in buying products. The vintage clothing online shopping websites offer different shipping methods in order to ensure proper delivery of the product.

The websites make use of the local courier services for shipping the products. This is because, courier services are known to be the safest mode of delivering products to the buyers. According to the mentioned delivery time, the products are shipped within few hours or days of placing the order and then delivered to the buyer in another 1-2 days. Reputed companies such as Saashiwear never fail to maintain their committed delivery period. The online shopping websites also ship to international locations making it easier for people to wear Indian skirts and Indian Tunics all over the world. They offer safer payment options for the customers to make their purchases. There is online transfer to payment with debit and credit cards. The websites safe payment gateways were all the banking can be done without any third party involvement. There are some people who have apprehensions about paying online and to cater to their problems, online shopping sites offer cash on delivery facility where the buyer can pay on receiving the product. The online shopping sites have become a craze and each day there are new websites coming up.